Oct 23, 2020 • 3M

Whoa Nelly... Hitting the Reset Button After Too Much Transacting in September

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Hello from Scottsdale, AZ and week #6 of our road trip adventures. The nights are gorgeous here, and we saw a beautiful moon set over Pinnacle Peak last night.

Some of you noticed I took a bit of a break after writing “Clarifying Portfolio Strategy & Controls” and spent some more time reflecting on my positions outside of the original premise for A Ticker A Day. During the first few weeks of September, I found myself checking the stock market several times a day, making little trades here and there, and I literally could not keep up on my track record spreadsheet. I had to stop.

That’s not the way I want to live and through writing this newsletter. I was worried I had gotten too swept up, so on September 21st I sold a bunch of positions outside the ATAD alphabetical list. Since then, I haven’t made another transaction.

Paying customers can use these links to view transaction data and track record performance in a Google Docs spreadsheet.

September 2020 Transaction Recap

Paid subscribers can see these transactions, and an overview of my publicly discussed positions, in the tracking spreadsheet

  • Sept 2: Sold 5 shares of Tesla ($TSLA) for $462.09/share (post 5-for-1 split)

  • Sept 2: Bought 1,000 shares of ADMA Biologics ($ADMA) for $2.35/share

  • Sept 3: Bought 8 shares of Cloudflare ($NET) for $37.67/share

  • Sept 3: Bought 30 shares of Adaptive Biotechnologies ($ADPT) for $40.66/share

  • Sept 3: Bought 3 shares of Nvidia ($NVDA) for $183.07/share

  • Sept 3: Bought 20 shares of PagerDuty ($PD) for $25/share

  • Sept 3: Bought 58 shares of PagerDuty ($PD) for $25.78/share

  • Sept 8: Bought 8 shares of ACM Research ($ACMR) for $59.01/share

  • Sept 9: Bought 3 shares of ACI Worldwide ($ACIW) for $24.96/share

  • Sept 14: Bought 65 shares of Zuora ($ZUO) for $9.25/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of Amazon ($AMZN) for $2,920.46/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 19 shares of Aarons ($AAN) for $56.19/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 9 shares of McDonald’s ($MCD) for $215.36/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 10 shares of Twilio ($TWLO) for $231.43/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 12 shares of Atlassian ($TEAM) for $173.93/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 200 shares of United Airlines ($UAL) for $34.01/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 10 shares of Elastic NV ($ESTC) for $103.44/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 10 shares of Datadog ($DDOG) for $82.79/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of Crowdstrike ($CRWD) for $128.59/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of DocuSign ($DOCU) for $196.74/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of Okta ($OKTA) for $201.09/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of ServiceNow ($NOW) for $454.97/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of Veeva Systems ($VEEV) for $265.45/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of Coupa Software ($COUP) for $254.80/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of Fastly ($FSLY) for $89.42/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of Shopify ($SHOP) for $906.76/share

  • Sept 21: Sold 1 share of Nintendo ($NTDOY) for $71.16/share

View current track record spreadsheet

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I’m going to take a break from speculative analysis of companies outside the alphabetical list to refocus back on the original premise of A Ticker A Day, to take a walk through the entire stock market and learn about businesses and industries that I would not otherwise encounter in my day-to-day work and business reading.

At least until we are past the election, and its immediate aftermath, I’m going to stay away from the emotional rollercoaster that comes with volatility and readers here can expect to see analysis on 1 - 3 companies per week. Thanks for your patience!

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